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MMBA is the best place to come for personal tax advice in London. Our team of dedicated tax advisors and accounts can offer you expert advice on all aspects of personal taxation and calculate the amount of the income tax you should pay. It is very important to ensure that you fulfil all of your tax responsibilities, partly because it is a good thing to contribute to society, and partly because HMRC is increasingly cracking down on errors – an honest mistake would once have been the cause of a talking to, now it is the reason for legal action.

There are some things that we do not like to think about. But if the only things we can be sure of are death and taxes, we should recognise that the relevant legislation requires us to plan well in advance. This means making the necessary provisions now. There are many tax opportunities available, and the earlier arrangements are made, the greater the chance of taking full advantage of our complicated tax system.

It is important when planning to transfer an estate that adequate provision is made and getting the right balance requires considerable skill and foresight – along with a detailed knowledge of the current tax regime. Our team of accountants offering personal tax advice in London provide a discreet comprehensive estate planning service that can help with:

  • planning and reviewing your will,
  • making full use of applicable exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers,
  • optimising lifetime transfers between family members,
  • transferring agricultural or business property,
  • transferring assets into trust,
  • arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities.

So, make sure you have the best personal tax advice. London based and ever ready MMBA is your one stop shop for everything to do with personal tax.

We also have expertise in dealing with trusts which are an extremely tax efficient way to set aside assets for future beneficiaries outside the inheritance tax net. We can give personal tax advice on the most suitable type of trust to fulfil your wishes, assist in setting up the trust and provide the full range of accounting services required for trust management.

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