Legal We have experience within the Legal sector including compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules.

Legal Sector Accountancy

We provide support to several nationwide law firms and offer a wide range of accountancy services. All our services can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Driving business growth for legal start-ups

At MMBA, we have in-depth experience of providing accountancy services for new legal start-ups, ensuring you are given the right advice and assistance, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls.

From guidance in deciding the appropriate legal structure of the firm, to helping in deciding & setting up Legal Accounting Software, or providing assistance in SRA Authorisation Application, we can make your life easier by taking the strain of all the financial and regulatory details.

This helps you to focus on running and growing your business, knowing that we are proactively managing your finances and regulatory compliance in the background.

Here are just some of the other areas in which we can provide specialist services for your legal start-up:

  • Help in Getting PI Insurance Cover
  • SRA Client Money Audit Reports
  • Dealing with Client Money & complex accounting transactions
  • Training your staff on SRA Compliance
  • Setting up SRA Reporting Period for Client Money Reports
  • Training COFA
  • Advice on VAT thresholds & Registrations
  • Dealing with PAYE, Corporation Tax & Personal Tax Issues

The services outlined above are just some of the many ways we can help your business not only succeed, but thrive in a controlled and well managed way so you’re always in control, with our full advice, guidance and expertise on your side.

Legal Accountancy for Established firms

Being a more established business in the legal sector, means that you are likely to have evolving requirements and that your accountancy provider needs to be able to scale with these needs.

At MMBA, we have a pedigree of working with long-term legal sector clients and delivering value added services that are both proactive and responsive.

If you feel that your current accountancy firm could be looking after your interests with more dedication and personal attention, then you will find the MMBA approach a refreshing change.

Below are just some of the service where our specialist legal sector experience and know-how can help you grow and protect your business and wealth:

  • Reviewing the legal structure of the firm
  • SRA Client Money Audit Reports
  • Advice on moving from Sole Trader to Limited Company, or LLP where beneficial
  • Assisting the legal book-keeping team on achieving SRA Compliance
  • Aligning the SRA Reporting Period with the firm’s year end period
  • Dealing with Client Money & complex accounting transactions
  • Training COFA
  • Advice on VAT implications, such as standard rated, exempt & out of scope transactions
  • Dealing with PAYE, Corporation Tax & Personal Tax Issues
  • Assisting with SRA Compliance visit

The services listed above provide only an outline to the extensive range of services and areas of specialist advice we can provide to help your firm reach its next business milestone.


We take compliance very seriously and understand how critical it is in accounting services for solicitors. Therefore, we strive to deliver exceptional and completely accurate advice on complying with the Principles of the SRA Handbook. We also help add value to your legal business by performing SRA and compliance audits, thus enabling your business to become more profitable and efficient.

Training your team

The legal sector is fast evolving, and our clients are faced with new challenges all the time. We recognise the importance of having in-house trained team members who are able to take care of your company’s basic compliance requirements.

It is for this very reason that we offer to train your bookkeepers and assistants so they can be equipped with all the necessary skills and expertise to deal with the compliance challenges presented by the industry.

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