Legal We have experience within the Legal sector including compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules.

We provide support to several nationwide law firms and offer a wide range of services which are tailored to meet their individual needs.

What is legal accounting?

It’s the management of your legal company’s finances from paying invoices, billing your clients, banking, reconciliation, transfers and general account management.

How can we help drive your business growth?

Our team of expert solicitor accountants stay well informed on current developments and changes within the legal sector. Collectively, we apply a proactive and focussed approach towards managing your legal accountancy requirements. We also ensure to make you aware of any issues that may have an impact on your business.


We take compliance very seriously and understand how critical it is in accounting services for solicitors. Therefore, we strive to deliver exceptional and completely accurate advice on complying with the Principles of the SRA Handbook. We also help add value to your legal business by performing SRA and compliance audits, thus enabling your business to become more profitable and efficient.

Training your team

The legal sector is fast evolving, and our clients are faced with new challenges all the time. We recognise the importance of having in-house trained team members who are able to take care of your company’s basic compliance requirements. It is for this very reason that we offer to train your bookkeepers and assistants so they can be equipped with all the necessary skills and expertise to deal with the compliance challenges presented by the industry.

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