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As a travel industry professional, you’ll know that having the right financial advice and expertise on your side can save you both time and money.

We act for clients operating across the whole travel, hospitality and tourism sector spectrum, including travel companies, tour operators, independent hotels, golf clubs, hotel groups and more.

Dealing with the financial and legal complexities within the travel industry needs an experienced and proactive partner, with the specific travel credentials to provide you with peace of mind and confidence.

MMBA Accountants has just that level of in-depth experience, from being able to provide you with ATOL, IATA & ABTA Applications, (including new applications), to helping with making changes to an existing ATOL Licence and much more.

The ATOL Reporting Accountant’s Scheme

Since 1 April 2016, only ATOL Reporting Accountants (ARA) can be responsible for ATOL returns work and for approving the Annual Accountants Report submitted to the CAA.

The CAA’s website states that:

The ATOL Reporting Accountants' scheme has been developed by the CAA in order to help improve the standard of ATOL reporting and to provide assurance that financial information which is submitted on behalf of ATOL holders is accurate. The Scheme is designed to ensure that designated accountants of participating bodies are sufficiently knowledgeable about both the industry and specific requirements of ATOL to provide the required assurance needed by the CAA.

As a useful addition to our core travel accountancy services, we can also provide Staff Training on Licensable and Non-Licensable turnover for ATOL Reporting purposes. We will, if required, also provide assistance in setting up accounting software specifically designed for Travel Sector.

Travel Accountancy Services

See the list below of specialist services MMBA we can provide to your travel, hospitality or tourism business:

  • Setting up the legal structure
  • Help in obtaining Financial Security Bonds for ATOL & IATA
  • Assistance in all types of ATOL Regulatory Returns
  • Registration & Implications of VAT, TOMS etc
  • ATOL Reporting Accountants' (ARA) Scheme (we are ATOL Approved Reporting Accountants)
  • Principal v Agency Status In relation to Revenue Recognition
  • Statutory Audit Service, if required by the Regulator
  • Dealing with Corporation & Personal Taxes
  • R&D Tax Relief for travel businesses

Keeping up with changes

The travel and hospitality sectors are very demanding, especially in light of the ongoing uncertainty and consumer unease surrounding Covid-19 legislation.

We understand the challenges faced by businesses as a result of economic change. With ongoing competition from other similar companies, hotels and travel businesses are faced with challenges of employee retention and providing value for money services – all while trying to gain a competitive advantage.

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