Travel, Hospitality & Tourism We act for clients operating across the whole hospitality and leisure sector.

We act for clients operating across the whole travel and tour operating sector spectrum, including travel companies, tour operators, independent hotels, golf clubs, hotel groups.

The professional relationships we have enjoyed over the numerous years with the owners of these businesses has allowed us to build up a variety of sector knowledge.

Our interest in the travel and tour operation industry has empowered us to build relationships with crucial industry advisers and professionals within the sector. We regularly produce a newsletter for the sector which presents existing issues and advises on areas of interest. We also create blogs and videos on topical issues that we send out to our clients and contacts.

We advise our travel clients in all matters concerning their industry such as ATOL compliance, IATA registration, TOMS VAT and CAA's ATOL Reporting Accountants' (ARA) Scheme etc.


ATOL holders are required to use an ARA. This is not some new computer system, but actually means an ATOL Reporting Accountant. These ARA’s are meant to be part of the ARA scheme, which was introduced last year and requires all accountants who produce reports for the CAA be members of a participating accountancy body, register to take the required training and become part of the ARA scheme. It is important to note that the deadline for accountants to participate in the ARA scheme is now very close.

The ATOL Reporting Accountants' scheme has been developed by the CAA in order to help improve the standard of ATOL reporting and the quality of financial information submitted by ATOL holders. The scheme is designed to ensure that designated accountants of participating bodies are sufficiently knowledgeable about both the industry and specific requirements of ATOL to provide the required reports needed by the CAA. The reality is that in the past, accountants for some travel businesses, whether they monitored the accounts for small or indeed larger firms, didn’t always understand the rules. In some instances, even the travel businesses themselves didn’t always find it easy to understand the rules.


As time passes consumer tastes and buying patterns change, and in opposite so does the financial outlook for a leisure and hospitality business. Our team of expertise understands this highly competitive marketplace, and how delicate it is to economic change. The highs and lows are real; we offer the best financial and accountancy advice to guide and support you through obstacles, and lead you towards growth.

Accounting and advisory for hotels

Your hotel needs to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing market place. Hotel owners face the continued challenge of offering genuine quality and value for money, and retaining high-performing employees, all while trying to gain competitive advantage.

This sector has huge variation - from top-branded quality hotels or family-run hotels, to national and international groups; from serviced apartments or bed and breakfast houses, to spas and health resorts - our hotel and hospitality accountants understand your needs. We can help achieve your goals by supporting you with:

  • Preparation of accounts
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Advice on regulations specific to the hotel industry on areas such as tax, VAT, HMRC and PAYE
  • Improving efficiencies, productivity and cost saving
  • Dealing with employment tax issues and assisting with HMRC enquiries

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