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MMBA London carry out statutory and non-statutory audits for businesses in London, and across the UK.

Our expertise is multi-sector, and we have a dedicated and responsive audit team, offering personalised and tailored industry support throughout the entire audit process.

Our audit methodology is thorough and comprehensively covers main aspects of your business activities, we provide audit typically for medium to larger enterprises, allowing you to file your statutory audit confident in the knowledge that it has been performed with diligence and accuracy.

What are the benefits of audit?

Statutory audits are required by law in the UK, it is necessary for all medium to large businesses, including PLC’s, regardless of size, to have an annual audit undertaken.

Audits provide a highly detailed picture of the business’ financials, risk assessments and detailed analytics to ensure that compliance and applicable regulatory frameworks have been adhered to.

A statutory audit therefore can provide shareholders, directors and stakeholders of the business, with a comprehensive overview, that as well as fulfilling financial and legal obligations, can also be used as a basis for further research or as evidence for investigating of funding or expansion opportunities.

Why should I consider a non-statutory audit?

Many businesses do not need to legally have an audit, but many still choose to have one. A non-statutory audit can provide very useful business information, that can be tailored for a number of different purposes, depending on the goals of the business.

Audits can provide evidence of a healthy trading position so that banks are more likely to make favourable decisions when finance or investment is required.

As well as this, the audit can help to keep credit insurers and suppliers happy and ensure you get the best price when you come to sell. But most of all, it can give you the peace of mind of knowing you have strong controls in the business, and accurate results.

At MMBA, our non-statutory audits include those required by regulatory agencies such as ATOL, IATA and SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) where the information we deliver allows firms to evidence 100% compliance and maintain an excellent standing to regulators and banks where applicable.

We also regularly provide audits required by the OFS (Office for Students) for businesses providing services into the education sector. 

Why choose MMBA as your audit firm?

Unlike much larger audit firms in London, we don’t put your business into the hands of junior account handlers and researchers. Your business is treated with the gravitas it deserves and you will find our personal, friendly and attentive service a positive change.

We have many years of experience in providing both statutory and non-statutory audits, gained within top firms in the UK along with an enviable track record in providing highly accurate work, individually tailored to particular industry sector requirements.

This is also demonstrated by our audit experience across niche areas of business, such as SRA, ATOL and OFS, as detailed in our non-statutory audits above.

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If you’re looking to have an audit performed for your business, either statutory or non-statutory, we are here to help you to make an informed decision and guide you through the whole process, completely without obligation.

Contact one of our senior audit partners by simply filling in the form below, or by calling us on 0203 355 0841.

We’ll answer any of your questions and discuss your own circumstances, in complete confidence assured.

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