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Our beautiful office situated in the university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire was the place it all began in 2009.

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Cambridge Accountants - MMBA, Founded in Cambridge, 2009

There are a lot of accountants in Cambridge. Of course there are, Cambridge is a vibrant, future focused city with a world class university and an innovative academic culture which has a habit of spawning small start-up companies that grow into multi million pound international concerns. Cambridge is the home of Silicon Fen and the biotech companies that make up the Science Park. Such titans of industry need a lot of accountants. Cambridge is also a relatively small place packed with small and medium sized enterprises – many of them family owned. Those less flashy businesses need accountancy services too.

MMBA is proud to serve both business communities. We are the local choice for Chartered accountants in Cambridge. We used to be a small firm of Cambridge accountants, our firm started here back in 2009 and we take great pride in having come for a place with such a rich history, and having our roots in this thriving small business community. Our position as a leading accountancy firm in Cambridge supporting individuals and third sector clients allows us to give something back to the beautiful city that is our home.

If you are starting out in business and have a need for a Cambridge accountant, it would be our pleasure to help. As we said, there is no shortage of Cambridge accountants but we think we have the edge. We are very experienced in all aspects of accountancy, from auditing to tax compliance, and as a firm we have experience with all manner of clients, from private individuals to small and medium sized enterprises to massive companies. Whatever you need we have the skills and experience to help.

We are, we will admit, not the biggest of Cambridge accounting firms, but we think that is more of a strength than a weakness. We have grown since we set ourselves up as an accountancy firm in Cambridge back in 2009 and now have offices in Luton, London and Preston. But at heart we are still those enthusiastic young accountants from Cambridgeshire who got our start in this wonderful city. We think we are the perfect size – big enough to have the experience to challenge any of the other Cambridge accounting firms in terms of experience but still small enough to offer a personal service that will be useful to small businesses looking for a Cambridge accountant.

We will always be proud to be Chartered Accountants in Cambridge. We are proud to be leading accountants in Cambridgeshire, able to offer all of the professional accountancy & tax advice services you could need. Contact us now and find out how our dedicated team of skilled and experienced Accountants in Cambridge can help your business grow.

So yes. There are many accountancy firms in Cambridge. But we are the Accountants in Cambridge who understand what it is like to be a small business as clearly as we understand what it feels like to work on the international scene. We will never forget our roots as small accountants in Cambridge and will always strive to support small and medium sized enterprises. But we have the experience to enable us to deal with large multinational clients too. When it comes to accounting in Cambridge we think we have the edge.

We love being chartered accountants in Cambridge; that this wonderful city is the place where MMBA’s story began. It gives our firm a great sense of pride in supporting the people, businesses and adding to the thriving local economy of Cambridgeshire.

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